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With our renowned melt in the mouth pastry Skycrest does the great Australian pie justice, whether you are looking for the humble (Aussie Beef pie) or a pie with a twist (Chick Pea & Curry Veg) we can accommodate for the meat eater or the vegetarian. Order the Pork Pie today, it is delicious served cold at a picnic or warmed up at your fanciest feast. Check out our flavour varieties below:

PIES – 6cm

Raw/Frozen – $1.40
Cooked Chilled/Frozen$1.50

With our renowned melt in the mouth pastry Skycrest does the great Australian pie justice and we accommodate both meat eaters and vegetarians. Use these more-ish morsels as the hero of the next charity bake sale, kids birthday party, or have them on hand in case a guest unexpectedly drops by.

Check out our flavour varieties below (all varieties listed here are sold as a 6cm round):

Beef & Stout (Guinness®)
Chick Pea & Curry Vegetable V
Chicken & Leek
Chicken & Mushroom
Irish Leek & Lamb
Lamb & Rosemary
Tandoori Lamb
Tomato, Borlotti Bean & Onion V
Veal & Mushroom

PIES – 8cm

Cooked Only; Chilled/Frozen

$3.00 – $3.30

A Skycrest pie is characteristically known to appeal to all with our melt in the mouth pastry outside and a piping hot filling inside.  You know you have a clear winner on your hands when you order any of these flavours from us.


Beef & Stout (Guinness ®)
Beef Pepper Steak
Chick Pea & Curry Vegetable V
Chicken, Potato Curry
Lamb Massaman Curry
Lamb & Rosemary

PIES – 12cm

Cooked Only; Chilled/Frozen

$3.60 – $3.80

Catering for growing teenagers or people with a monster appetite?  Look no further – our 12cm pies will help you with that. These flavours are guaranteed to satisfy, so what are you waiting for, give us a call.

Lamb & Rosemary


NOTE: Product appearance may vary with different flavours. Minimum quantities required to be met for all orders.

V = Vegetarian product

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